5 March 2014

La Rodilla del Diablo

There's a place called THE DEVIL'S KNEE in my hometown, inside the National Park.
It has a legend and the whole deal :)
Let me know if you'd like to know more about it.

21 February 2014

Baby Mint Fairy

In the Sketchbook Project Journal it said: 
"Deep inside the center of the earth there is a tiny..."

I imagined there is a tiny baby mint fairy 
playing a magical glass flute 
which emanates colourful floating musical lava.

Ballpoint pen and watercolours.

ALSO! Remember I promised a TUMBLR?
Here it is! Follow me! ;D

20 February 2014


A page from the Sketchbook Project Journal with a dream I had.

My brother is awesome at solving Rubik cubes.
I hope he teaches me to solve them some day :)