23 June 2013

Toons on Tap: Paris Romance

Toons on Tap:
-Is an event that runs every couple tuesdays where you can life draw models in different costumes, and have a couple drinks while you do so because it happens at the karaoke room of a bar. Every session there's a different theme, and based on it, the costumes and music for the event are chosen. I've been going for some weeks now and always enjoy it a lot. It's super inspiring!! and I would recommend anyone who likes to draw to join!! :3

Here are some of the drawings that I did on the last session. I like how this ones turned out, so I thought I'd share them :)

The theme last session was "Paris Romance". The models were Bianca Boom Boom and El Toro and they did great dynamic and emotive poses.

Hope you like them,