24 November 2013


Doodle inspired by a sketch of the gipsy girl at Toons On Tap

21 November 2013


Miaomiao teaches little kids and toddlers a few words in chinese.
It is a series by Mark Animation. Each episode is 2 minutes long.
The first season was recently released in Kidobi's website! 
Click on the image to see :)

I helped out with some animation, some modeling, some texturing and some designs for the project. 
It was a lot of fun working on it!

20 November 2013

Miaomiao iPad app

I helped out on this iPad app, 
and it was recently published!

(click on the image to go to the website)

It is made for kids and toddlers to learn a few words in chinese.
I made animations and designs for this, 
it was a lot of fun and I learnt lots 
(including some chinese)


19 November 2013

Toons on Tap: Adventure Time!

The best-ever life drawing session in town, 
Toons On Tap (designed for animators <3 nbsp="" p="">
held an "Adventure Time" session last time I was there. 

This were LOADS of fun to doodle C:


The following are quickies: 30 second poses

The model was awesome posing as Fiona, 
amazing poses!
the copyrights belong to Cartoon Network 
and Adventure Time (NOT ME!) 
and I am really thankful to the Toons On Tap superteam 
Laurie, Jeremy, and Jeffrey 
for having this theme :3

PS. I'm testing a label to watermark my artwork...
I think this is not a winner just yet :P
I'll be more playful with the next test!