23 May 2011

A Fishy Story

First 100% CG image update of my final 3D project for this blog!
The story will keep that name...
because "Free Sushi" is gonna be too misleading,
and the name of the fish ends up never being shown...
which makes things worse.
I'm having issues with my character's articulations, as you can see...
Still not done, still not gonna update every couple days...

But hey, here's the reason!

The film can be found in the "Short Films" section! :D

14 May 2011

I has a mushroom

And you don't! >:P


School's been heavy, so I'll start being irregular about postings for a while.
No clue how long I'll do that for... Apologies to whoever checks this often :)

11 May 2011

Sing it out

The title came from My Chemical Romance's song.
I like that band a lot.

9 May 2011

My Mom

It was my mom's birthday on the 5th.
I did this for her.

And I hope all the mothers of the world have a great mother's day!

in Canada, mother's day is celebrated the first sunday of may,
in this case, the 8th, but in Mexico, is celebrated on the 10th, always.
I found out today and thought it would be interesting to share :)

7 May 2011

A Dude at the Whalers

He was at the hostel where we stayed,
and had this super interesting looking afro...
And I was lucky enough to sit where I could
draw him without having him noticing :)

5 May 2011

Questionable Shirt Guy

I drew this while on the car,
on the way back.
He doesn't exist.
Or maybe he does,
but I don't know that.

3 May 2011

The Whalers in Tofino

As it may have been evident, I was absent for a while...

I had a break from school and I visited Tofino for the first time,
a place where I successfully failed at trying to surf, practiced pool,
took pictures, got to know the beautiful tiny town, slept lots,
walked around, ate cookie dough ice cream, drew lots and lots...

(*I drew this at THE WHALERS HOSTEL, where I stayed,
and would recommend anyone who visits Tofino to do so as well)

...and I was busy when I arrived because I moved.
I no longer live in an apartment in front of my
school with my awesome roomate (now ex-roomate) ...
(Whom, I have to say, lived with for 2 peaceful years and will miss lots :( snif!)

Buuut anyway, I now live 20 minutes by bike from there, in a house
with a garden and 3 new just-as-awesome roomates,
a temporary and equally-awesome guest, and his
equally-awesome-but-way-more-adorable dog, Lamby.

And yeah... I'm pretty happy :)

And about updates...