Mammoths were hairier, bigger elephants with longer horns,
and there was once also a bird called an "Elephant bird"
who was taller and stronger than an ostrich,
and their eggs would feed an entire community!

They are extinct for good,
and we still have ostriches and elephants around,
among other smaller versions of prehistoric creatures.

I find seahorses fascinating because of this.

If you look closely, 
and pay attention to details,
they are miniature versions...

...of DRAGONS!

The whole deal!
Those from legends in story books,
those from fantasy tales,
folklore mythic creatures!

That's why I find seahorses fascinating.

I believe everything fantastic was once real thanks to them.


I am into drawing,
into animation,
and into being happy
doing the things that I'm into.

I'm also into drinking tea and coffee
and finding out what every tea is good for.

I like biking, SUPing, swimming,
getting lost to find new places, 
reading books under trees
Hiking up mountains and trails
or taking buses to new towns
getting wet under the rain
and talking to strangers,
they tell me stories!
I like stories.