30 November 2010


I got new markers. I did this to use them. And some other stuff you'll see around later.

He's probably having a conversation with someone that's trying to convince him that there's a treasure somewhere in the island. And he, of course, it's not believing it.

28 November 2010

The Giant Red Pea Plant

A crazy experiment with the acrylics.

The Peas are maybe magic. Probably they mutated because of a crazy nuclear explosion. Maybe... maybe they are red because the ground was filled with villager's blood... from some battle... like in those bloody awesome animes I sometimes see based on old time japanese or chinese eras. And the plant drank the blood, and the peas are red now. Or maybe... maybe a pea plant and a strawberry one got together, loved each other very very much... and then one day... the red peas were born! Yai!

26 November 2010

Tree and Mushrooms

One day... I was messing around with the paint... And I did layers over layers of things I did not like over things I liked a little more, each time, until I ended up with this... which I liked more than any other layer. So I left it there.

I can imagine little blue creatures coming out of those mushrooms, poping from behing the branches of the tree, saying hi to anyone who sees this image. Can you see that happening?

24 November 2010

Goodbye Sushi

I'm doing the storyboard for the short.
We had to color some of the panels to start settling the colors for some of the scenes. It's being a lot of fun. The scene has to have a sad feeling, but still not that dark. The little light spots I added are to give the audience the hint of hope fot this couple to be together. I'm looking forward to start.

22 November 2010

The Butler

Now he has awesome hair and different clothes.
Wonder what he's up to now?

18 November 2010

Song Face

He's probably thinking, "-Yai! Stars!!"
He floats in space.

16 November 2010

Mom, a giant Muffin is destroying our building!

Senseless ideas I had stored in old notebooks have started taking shape thanks to the pitching assignment. This is another one. I re-used the image from the concepts I made for visual story telling back in term 1... Added some phrases... And now I feel I could do this one day too.

14 November 2010

How to Make a Cake

Oh well, this idea was a fun one to think of.

We needed to come out with 3 ideas for a pitching presentation. I'm sure I want to make the film "Free Sushi", but I still needed 2 ideas for that presentation thing. Anyway, this was the poster I came out with for the second idea. And I think It has potential, but way too many characters for now. My last year film had 2 characters. And I know 2 is enough. Gladly, I was not the only one thinking that. So It stays on the ideas shelf.

The story It's basically just all this characters dancing ballet Swan's Lake style, as cheezy and gracefully as dancing ingredients could dance, putting together all the necessary ingredients to make a cake. I was chatting with a couple classmates, and they apported a couple interesting ingredients to the mix, like a piece of chocolate taking over everyone's attention, and a sneaky marijuana leaf (I'm so inluding the leaf!). I'm making this comedy some day, it's gonna be awesome, hilarious and with lots of sweet semineutral tones! as soon as my skills grow enough to do it, I'll start to work on it!. I can also imagine it for a 10 minute film. Not the 2 minutes limit I'm having now. And it could grow more if I want it. Yeah, it may look too big now, but hey, I don't have to pay to imagine! ;)

12 November 2010

10 November 2010

Sushi And Pam

The scribble I named "The rain brought a fish" evolved to this.
Now they both have names and a story to play. And they're gonna keep me busy.

I decided to take animation out of the 3 branches, and this pair's gonna be my final.