17 November 2011

Green and Blue

I'm back into acrylics :) they're so much fun!
But I hate her hands.

9 November 2011

BFF... F Heart

I don't like swear words in my artwork,
but I thought designing the heart-shaped
friendship pendant they were talking about
at the end of "Pineapple Express" would be
a fun thing to do...

...and so I did, and here it is.

(Also thought I'd experiment metal painting...
it looks plastic though...
And at the gold side I got lazy with the lights :P)

25 October 2011

They Spotted Her Out

And she didn't want to be seen.

She's a character from a dream I had a while back.
For some reason I remembered that dream.
I have a tendency to forget my dreams.

The environment and the setting was really neat,
and I was not participating.
I was watching everything as if it was a movie.

I should do something with it.
You may hear more about this nonsense later :)

24 September 2011

The Teeth Club

Did you know that snails have 14175 teeth laid along 135 rows on their tongue?
(Missed the tongue part, I know.)

23 September 2011

Feliz Cumple Edna!

Y feliz cumpleaños a Edna! :)
Que se la quiere, estima, extraña y verá muy pronto,
Saludos y Abrazos y que se la pase genial hoy en su día xD

And now I added a new section,
seeing as I've made already some
greeting-card type of drawings.
You'll be able to find them from tomorrow, under the section named...


Sounds good? Any better label ideas?
Post them on the comment section!
:) Cheers!

16 September 2011

Why yes, yes I am

And that gives me the universal right to drink,
(yes, I can also drink in Mars if I please!)
but I'm still not feeling like using that new plus or "superpower"...
...but hey! freedom is freedom! And it is always welcomed :)

But why are my neighbors so noisy at this time of the night?!
Who knows!!

Today I was finally able to use my scanner again.
And I need a new one. This one sucks sometimes.
So anyway, this is fresh from the oven...
Candle stabbed cakes.

Thanks to all the people who remembered, lots of love :)

27 August 2011

Freckles and Bubbles

This is the drawing I was talking about in THIS POST
Gotta thank Dhruv for the feedback :)
Finished, at least! Not perfect, and I know it,
but I've worked on this for quite a while now,
(Way longer than I normally tend to...)
...so screw it. I'm tired of it.
Done and period.
On to the next one!

22 August 2011


Wanted to do a fast painting...
It ended up being not as fast as I wanted,
but here!
Something got done.
Looks like chalk or pastel now that i see it...
but it's Photoshop :)

18 August 2011

17 August 2011

A Fishy Story

6 months worth of work, some more to planify, and still full of mistakes,
but not extremely awful for an average 3D first-timer :)
(please don't be too hard on me! Dx)

16 August 2011


She seems angry for some reason...
Maybe they didn't have her size of the dress she liked in the store... or shoes...
I don't know, she seems like the kind of girl that worries for shopping stuff too much!

Small color test for a bigger version coming soon :)

15 August 2011


I'm playing with colors.

She's a ghost who inhabits an attic
of some old house,
from somewhere cold,
and everyone around her is afraid of that room,
above their ceiling,
because of her.

I imagine creepy ghosts may feel kinda lonely...

14 August 2011

Late for the party

Hey! Sorry for being absent for so long!
I was busy with the grad, some visits,
creating a portfolio, and going to Siggraph.
But matters most that I'm back :)
I may not post traditional stuff for a while though,
because I don't know where my scanner is... 6_6

So now you can check my website HERE :D yey!

I really enjoyed the Animation Festival during Siggraph.
I think it was fantastic.
I got to see some kick-ass, inspiring and beautifully made shorts.
  • Pixar's "La Luna".
  • "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore", which I was really looking forward to see! (Website)
  • Platige Image's "Paths of Hate", which was astonishing, in my opinion (Website)
And of the drawing, I did it in Photoshop with the help of this little Website.
Quite helpful for those who didn't know it. My first time trying out the swatches...
Anyway, I think she's running late for a very important party...
Feel like following?

28 July 2011

It's me!

Here's a toony self-portrait :)

I've been replacing all my profile images with this image in all the websites I use.
Get tired of it! :P

21 June 2011


This is the process I went through to get to the final design
for the main character of my final film in 3D: "A Fishy Story".
Her name is Pam.

And I finally finished my short film!!!
I'll publish it here in a couple weeks :)

23 May 2011

A Fishy Story

First 100% CG image update of my final 3D project for this blog!
The story will keep that name...
because "Free Sushi" is gonna be too misleading,
and the name of the fish ends up never being shown...
which makes things worse.
I'm having issues with my character's articulations, as you can see...
Still not done, still not gonna update every couple days...

But hey, here's the reason!

The film can be found in the "Short Films" section! :D

14 May 2011

I has a mushroom

And you don't! >:P


School's been heavy, so I'll start being irregular about postings for a while.
No clue how long I'll do that for... Apologies to whoever checks this often :)

11 May 2011

Sing it out

The title came from My Chemical Romance's song.
I like that band a lot.

9 May 2011

My Mom

It was my mom's birthday on the 5th.
I did this for her.

And I hope all the mothers of the world have a great mother's day!

in Canada, mother's day is celebrated the first sunday of may,
in this case, the 8th, but in Mexico, is celebrated on the 10th, always.
I found out today and thought it would be interesting to share :)

7 May 2011

A Dude at the Whalers

He was at the hostel where we stayed,
and had this super interesting looking afro...
And I was lucky enough to sit where I could
draw him without having him noticing :)

5 May 2011

Questionable Shirt Guy

I drew this while on the car,
on the way back.
He doesn't exist.
Or maybe he does,
but I don't know that.

3 May 2011

The Whalers in Tofino

As it may have been evident, I was absent for a while...

I had a break from school and I visited Tofino for the first time,
a place where I successfully failed at trying to surf, practiced pool,
took pictures, got to know the beautiful tiny town, slept lots,
walked around, ate cookie dough ice cream, drew lots and lots...

(*I drew this at THE WHALERS HOSTEL, where I stayed,
and would recommend anyone who visits Tofino to do so as well)

...and I was busy when I arrived because I moved.
I no longer live in an apartment in front of my
school with my awesome roomate (now ex-roomate) ...
(Whom, I have to say, lived with for 2 peaceful years and will miss lots :( snif!)

Buuut anyway, I now live 20 minutes by bike from there, in a house
with a garden and 3 new just-as-awesome roomates,
a temporary and equally-awesome guest, and his
equally-awesome-but-way-more-adorable dog, Lamby.

And yeah... I'm pretty happy :)

And about updates...

20 April 2011

A dog, a werewolf, an elephant and a cat

I had this four drawings hangin' around in different pages,
so I put them in one to bring them company :)

18 April 2011

8 April 2011


I really wanted to draw a detailed character...
So this came out.

6 April 2011

28 March 2011

Sarah and Lemon

She said they had a great night full of fun...
I just imagined this.

26 March 2011


I miss life drawing...
this was doodled in class...
Based on someone's pose.

Of course, that someone was dressed.
I just really miss life drawing :(

24 March 2011

It's gone

Did this to explore emotions for a slight and more
dynamic twist in my story for the final film.

22 March 2011

Indoor Fishing

The family was gonna go do the same down to the lake...
But things ended up like this because it was rainy outside.

16 March 2011

Blah blah blah

She answers the cosmetic company's phone calls all day long...
Here she decided to try the products while doing her job.

10 March 2011

Girl With Baby Octopuses

I'm not quite happy with that hand...
but it's my fault for not doing any lifedrawing lately...

7 March 2011

Zombie Parade

Dedicated to my friend Marcos cuz today it's his birthday :)
She's participating in a zombie parade...

28 February 2011


Her name came out by typing randomly
in the keyboard while saving the file...
I thought it sounded quite good for a randomized typing.
so I kept it as "Eta"

26 February 2011

Bear with us

The grand-kids were sent to summer camp...

They wrote gramps a letter and together with it,
they included this picture of them with a baby bear.
They took it before they realized
mommy bear was comming.
They are all ok!
Don't ask me how they survived...
I didn't get the letter.