25 October 2010

The Blast Light: Cups

The Blast Light: Cups is a project made by a team formed by EBM students Bo Gembarsky, Daisy Ozga, Amanda Magalhaes, Michael Oulton and Martin Havey.


A little about the project:

The beggining
It all began when Amanda saw "Cups" when we were recording the voices for it, and she thought she had to do something with it. So this all happened thanks to her.

The story
She wanted to use it to help BC Children's Hospital, since the animated short was about a friendship between two kids, and one of them has a cancer. We got together a couple times to talk about how things would be done and were the project would go to. At first, her EBM team recorded interviews at various locations from the people involved in the project "Cups": VFS DIP instructor Jim Inkster, VFS Graduate and Sound Designer Moises Torres, and from me, as well as BC Children's Hospital Director of Communications Stephen Forgacs, to grab some information about what kids with cancer have to go through and the stress it involves for their families and friends.

The experience
It was all very unreal, because "Cups", which did have a message, but was only gonna be used as a part of my portfolio, got to serve a little purpouse out there. And I not only got to meet Amanda's awesome team, formed by great optimistic people and real hardworkers, but I got to visit BC Childrens Hospital, where I learned a lot about children with cancer and their situation. Cups probably didn't really help on anything actually... but I did learn a lot and I hope at least I helped pass a little knowledge about this children's situation to others. Right now I can't do much, but I have the hopes that this is gonna reach the hands and hearts of those who can actually make a difference.

The culmination
The filming part was finished, but the project remained at a standstill for a while because a couple people involved in the project dropped off from the program for personal reasons, and then the pieces were picked up again by other students so that the project could finally reach an end. The final piece would be released in youtube on October 19, 2010.

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