14 November 2010

How to Make a Cake

Oh well, this idea was a fun one to think of.

We needed to come out with 3 ideas for a pitching presentation. I'm sure I want to make the film "Free Sushi", but I still needed 2 ideas for that presentation thing. Anyway, this was the poster I came out with for the second idea. And I think It has potential, but way too many characters for now. My last year film had 2 characters. And I know 2 is enough. Gladly, I was not the only one thinking that. So It stays on the ideas shelf.

The story It's basically just all this characters dancing ballet Swan's Lake style, as cheezy and gracefully as dancing ingredients could dance, putting together all the necessary ingredients to make a cake. I was chatting with a couple classmates, and they apported a couple interesting ingredients to the mix, like a piece of chocolate taking over everyone's attention, and a sneaky marijuana leaf (I'm so inluding the leaf!). I'm making this comedy some day, it's gonna be awesome, hilarious and with lots of sweet semineutral tones! as soon as my skills grow enough to do it, I'll start to work on it!. I can also imagine it for a 10 minute film. Not the 2 minutes limit I'm having now. And it could grow more if I want it. Yeah, it may look too big now, but hey, I don't have to pay to imagine! ;)

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