15 May 2010

Cups (Classical Animation, 2010)

I did this video as my final project during a year at VFS in the Classical Animation program.
The whole project was done in 5 months from the planification until it's very end.


A little about the film

The sound
Thanks to Moises Torres (Sound Designer), the sound ended up as expected. I asked for his help since the beggining of the project, and he helped me out picking up songs, mixing them all to fit the animation, and to record and fit the voices as well.

The voices
Me and my friend Jenn Jackson (Animator) recorded our voices for the characters.
I'm the girl's and she's the boy's. We used a voice alteration device.


How one does an animation:

It all begins when some braincells pass electric impulses to each other,
Lots of ideas start coming out and the animator puts them into lots of papers,
written or drawn, then rewritten and redrawn, time and time again, until once,
the animator starts to love one of his ideas very very very much...
and, adding a lot of heart, paper, sweat, tears, blood, efforts, flowers, colors, stars,
and as much time as the animator could possibly afford to give to the project...
An animation is born.
And dear reader, I hope you enjoy this one I bring to you :)

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