14 August 2011

Late for the party

Hey! Sorry for being absent for so long!
I was busy with the grad, some visits,
creating a portfolio, and going to Siggraph.
But matters most that I'm back :)
I may not post traditional stuff for a while though,
because I don't know where my scanner is... 6_6

So now you can check my website HERE :D yey!

I really enjoyed the Animation Festival during Siggraph.
I think it was fantastic.
I got to see some kick-ass, inspiring and beautifully made shorts.
  • Pixar's "La Luna".
  • "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore", which I was really looking forward to see! (Website)
  • Platige Image's "Paths of Hate", which was astonishing, in my opinion (Website)
And of the drawing, I did it in Photoshop with the help of this little Website.
Quite helpful for those who didn't know it. My first time trying out the swatches...
Anyway, I think she's running late for a very important party...
Feel like following?

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