17 February 2014

Foot Notes / That Book Has No Spine

This is another page from the Sketchbook Project Journal.

I drew the character at the bottom as a different interpretation of "Foot notes" because I didn't just want to make foot notes on the page. The drawing at the back is for the phrase "That book has no spine". The first thing that came to mind was scattered pages all over the floor, but the idea of drawing a person without a spine seemed more interesting than a bunch of papers on the floor. Then I decided to go with that, a "book person", with no spine. It would give me the chance to make it a little visceral and grotesque, having bones penetrating the skin. I didn't plan the layout properly because I was just having fun. But If I re-did the whole thing, I would fix the perspective and have the sizes fixed to make it look like a spineless giant fell from the sky into a desert, and have the kid close. I would fix the lights (because they're all over the place at the moment), and I would add blood coming from the giant's injuries.

I want to refine my painting skills before re-doing anything... so I may eventually get  to doing such a thing :)

I drew this with a ballpoint pen, then painted it with different skin-tone markers, added some extra lights with acrylic, extra shadows with black prismacolor, faded in the tones at the back with a thin layer of water-dissolved white acrylic and fixed the image quality and added a slightly transparent gradient color layer in Photoshop.

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