24 July 2014

Oil Pastels!

Forest and Koala from photo reference.
Squirrel and Diver from life
...except for the diver, whom I made up.

I got a set of oil pastels over the weekend. It was a first. I knew the chalky kind of pastels, and was expecting something similar. Never have I been so wrong! They are like toddler crayons mixed with plasticine! They were imprecise, and I'm not used to that! But despite the initial difficulties, using them has caused me joy! They give a nice texture, solid colours, and I can mesh them with my fingers and it feels like I'm back in school, pushing plasticine over bristol boards to make homework models. My fingers end up coloured and mushy. And I've had FUN! I recommend them, but you need to get lots of colours, I've not found them that easy to mix. Maybe that will change over time once I'm more familiar to them.

But anyway, this are my first pieces, enjoy!

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