24 April 2017

A little while ago, I read an article that a female politician from India (living in the states) wrote on how women are raised to think that they have to be perfect at the first try, and if they don't succeed they feel like a failure, while men are taught to fight and fail and stand back up. All of this from childhood. And as a consequence, men tend to grow skills easier, from enabling themselves to mistake and learn from it, and women don't even try to do a lot of things they feel and want to, because they feel like they aren't ready yet. While it doesn't apply to everyone, and family and society can influence this at different levels and make this not true, it drove me to think about how I go about life and made me realize society may have gotten a little into my head. I feel in the middle. I do tend to "jump into the pool" and accept that it msy take s few tries and that's cool, but I have been on the other end too. I have let ME, stop ME, from even trying. So I made me this paper last year and put it on my wall, so I see it most mornings when I wake up. And it is nice, to empower yourself ;) Also, that read, among others, may have been passed to me by Laurinda Shaver, whom I would like to thank again! really, for everything :)

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