2 July 2017

#canada150🇨🇦 = Magical! :) Happy 150th birthday, Canada! Sorry I haven't been around. I moved, I got sick right before the move and lasted very sick for a week. Moving was a huge job and I am super thankful to Glow for all the help! Roman and her did almost all the work cause I was feeling so bad. Roman's fam helped us a bunch too! We sold enough things on craigslist that the move came out free :P We're settling in, we helped Glow move today, and to close all our transitions, watching the fireworks today was amazing. Great spending time with Roman, Glow, Vika, Lana and Josh. Here's hoping for more chill moments! :) #happycanadaday #canada150 #duck #rubberduck #giantrubberduck

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