23 September 2017

On #happiness (Note to self/May be boring!) I used to hate this colour when I was younger. I connected pink with "being a woman is to be weak/less/physically-pretty-but-empty-inside"... And I didn't like that! so I grew up refusing those ideas. The kindness I sometimes take for granted here is not guaranteed in every society, certainly not the one I grew up in, aside from my immediate family and a small circle of friends. I am a woman, but only because of the sexual organs I was born with. Besides that, I can do ANYTHING! I could feel like a man, and my sexual preferences could be anything too. What makes me human/happy is the kindness I treat myself and others with, what gives me confidence is how hard I work and how much I love what I do, and that with some luck can make me successful. Don't ever limit yourself. If the reason for having to take or withstand abuse, or to not do something you want to do, is because of your gender/identity/preferences/appearance... GO DO IT. Or get out of that abusive situation! everyone, including you, deserves to be happy, and no one but you can make it happen! :) I wear all colours now, I surrounded myself of people I love, with whom I share values and communicate efficiently with (no freak-outs, serious when needed be, clear, quiet, but FUN most of the time! :D), we all work hard, there is no unnecessary drama (venting is one thing, not having the courage to fix a problem is another) and I do the changes I need in my life to be happy (enough exercise, enough lazy days, enough healthy food, enough junk food too, sometimes this involves therapy too, not ashamed of that! I have had to deal with illnesses, depression, low self esteem, brain-looped on bad thoughts/chemicals and buried traumas... I probs still have to unbury things but it's a lifetime work in progress) but it's good to always remember that it starts inside me, it starts within, I love me first, then I get what I think I deserve (and it is good stuff because I love me), then I have a lot of love left to spread. And have a sense of humor (mine is overly silly, sorry not sorry!) because "A day without laughter is a wasted day".

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