11 October 2017

A little story: I was inking and colouring this at #dundassquare and my fingers were freezing. A very random stranger approached me to talk while I was sketching. "Oh I like anime! I used to watch it as a kid". I had neither the weed nor sex he was interested in (I replied with a polite "LOL sorry dude") he was not pushy after that, and just spoke his mind, he seemed kind regardless, and his talk was creative, between dirty and poetic (I found it hilarious). I listened to him like I got access to a random slice-of-life podcast and a chance to interview a stranger. He had no filter, everything he thought he seemed to say, and his answers were unique. "Where are you from?" I asked. "Hell. I'm still there." He replied, and laughing bitterly complained about how difficult women are and how tired he is of life. He left at some point "Sorry gotta keep searching for what I need", but came back shortly after, angry, swearing and complaining about how a girl had reacted to his proposal, and then letting out suicidal ideas. He talked a tad longer, "jeez I feel bad for the people who do anime, if it's taking you this long to finish that and they have to make thousands of these, poor guys" and I told him he was right and how hard it is for them and the passion you gotta have to do it with a crazy low pay... when he saw I started gathering my stuff and putting it into my backpack, he rushed to leave, and said "I feel people are running away from me if they leave first... I don't like that so I leave first." I wished him good luck and waved goodbye. ... I biked home feeling I had talked to a cartoon. I can see a lot of people finding this kind of person creepy, but I felt safe. Some people get close and that's when I feel uncomfortable, but when they keep personal space, it's ok. It's always fun to sketch outside :) #inktober 10th prior to colouring. #ink #fish #fashion #dress #bag #feathers #sketch #doodle

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